Mandi Gosling ; Ryan Gosling’s Sister, Wiki, Profession

Profession: Miscellaneous, Youtubers
Date of birth: Jan 01, 1977
Age: 45
Net worth:
Birth Place:
Height (m): 1.7
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Unknown

Mandi Gosling isn’t a well-known actress or any kind of entertainer in the entertainment industry yet she is known by some many people around the world, why? Because she is non-other than the elder sister of the famous Hollywood star (drum roll!!) ’Ryan Gosling’.

Mandi GoslingCaption: Ryan Gosling and sister Mandi Gosling

Her kickstart was when she walked on the red carpet for several years with her brother. Mandi would always manage to look amazing on the red carpet. The first time she was spotted with Ryan Gosling on the red carpet, there were so many people who were really eager to know about his “mysterious date”.

Mandi has always been at her brother’s side. They two have attended many award functions together which even led public to question about Ryan’s long-term date Eva Mendes. Mandi might not be seen in front of the camera like her brother but she is special in her own way.

Mandi Gosling Bio

The gorgeous lady was born on January 1, 1977, to Thomas Ray Gosling (father) and Donna Gosling (mother) in Canada. Her mother worked as a secretary who later became a high school teacher in 2011. Her father being a traveling salesperson for a paper mill, she moved to different cities along with her little brother while growing up. Some of the cities she lived in include Ontario, Burlington in Ontario and Cornwall.

Gosling’s parents got divorced when her brother was just 13 of his age. This rough situation made Mandi even more responsible for her brother. Even Ryan would acknowledge, Mandi and his mother really helped in structuring his life and made him ‘think like a girl’. She is also a loving aunt to her brother’s two daughters who he had with his long-term partner Eva Mendes.

Mandi GoslingCaption: Mandi Gosling with her mother and brother

Mandi Gosling Education

Mandi Gosling studied at California State University, Northbridge and graduated with a degree in journalism and political science in 2011. She seems to be pretty forward at her studies because it is believed that she had received the Judge Julian Beck Award as the Most Outstanding Graduate. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Ryan sees his big sister as a great influencer.

Mandi Gosling Career

Unlike her younger brother, there is very little information about the gorgeous Lady Gosling. It is almost impossible to know about her private life, relationships or her hobbies while she is not active in social media. She sometimes shares her solo performances video on YouTube. Online news confirmed that she works as a producer on Dateline- thanks to her background knowledge in the theatre.


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