Marty Lagina Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Wife, Biography

Profession: Journalist
Date of birth: Jan 01, 1970
Age: 52
Net worth: 100 Million
Birth Place:
Height (m): 1.76
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Marty Lagina was first introduced by the History Channel show ‘The Curse of Oak Island’. He is now a famous television personality who is an engineer owning a wine business. Marty for his age is a very energetic businessman and is pretty successful at what he does.

Currently, Lagina is the founder of Mari Vineyards and the CEO of Heritage Sustainable Energy. But his involvement with the History Channel show with his brother is the main reason for his fame. Marty is an engineer who constantly likes to update technology to solve the mysteries of Oak Island. He has made a huge sum from his career which has transpired from the mysteries he has been solving. Let us now get to know more about his famous businessman.

Rick and Marty

Caption: Rick and Marty for the show, ‘The Curse of Oak Island’.

Marty Lagina: Early Life, Education

Marty was born in 1956 but his precise birthday remains unknown. Lagina comes from an Italian descent and grew up in Kingsford, Michigan, where he still lives. He grew up along with his brother Rick Lagina. Marty from a young age was obsessed with the concept of wealth and in the later years, left no stone unturned.

Lagina went to Michigan University and gathered his graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 1979, Marty was getting his degree in law and at the same time was working as a petroleum engineer at local companies. He then after getting the degree, went on to start his own company and named it ‘Terra Energy Limited’. This company mainly dealt with the development of resources for shale gas in Michigan. Marty and his company were looking forward to becoming the largest operators in the industry. However, in 1995, he handed over his business to CMS for $58 million, which was a good deal at the time.

His family has always been tied with the Italian ancestries. Marty then prioritized his family business and started putting his efforts into making quality red wine. His company Villa Mari was based on Italian ancestry and Marty is responsible for most of the decisions taken at the company. Lagina has been a man who can do it all, the Italian descendent wine seller is in the ‘American Society of Mechanical Engineers’.

Marty Lagina: Career

Marty is now a well-known TV star but before working for ‘The Course of Oak Island’, he had worked for various different series. It took time for Marty to finally get his breakthrough but he kept working hard for his family business and also worked as an engineer for different local companies.

Marty then came out to the world with his brother Rick on the famous History Channel TV series. Marty is playing a major role alongside Rick and the two brothers have been trying to solve the mysteries of Oak Island with the help of some experts and modern machinery. Their main goal has been to discover the treasures and artifacts that are buried deep in the island.

Rick and Marty have been trying to know more about the history of the place to unfold the mystery. Prometheus Entertainments did initiate their reality TV show. Now the brothers explore the island with Dave and Dan Blankenship, who reside on the island.

Marty Lagina: Personal Life

Marty is a busy and a hard working man and has always focused on his career. By the looks of it, his ultimate goal in life is to be an enormously successful businessman. However, Marty is a married man and is living with his wife Olivia Lagina. They have 2 children: a son Alex and a daughter, Maddie.

marty lagina

Caption: Marty with his entire family on his daughter’s graduation.

Everyone in the family helps Marty run his business. His son Alex is also an engineer and has been helping Marty in Terra Energy and Heritage Sustainable.

Marty Lagina: Net Worth

Throughout the years, Marty has always been a successful person in his life. Due to his hard work, he has been gaining fame and money around the globe. He is an individual with a lot of talent. Marty has a net worth of over $100 million and most of it is accumulated from his work on the TV show.

Lagina also made a lot of money when he sold his company CMS Energy for $58 million. He is now a wealthy businessman and is very successful at what he does. Currently, the engineer is working on his new company ‘Heritage Sustainable’ which generates energy from the wind.