Mina Kimes Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Spouse, Biography

Profession: Journalist
Date of birth: Sep 08, 1985
Age: 36
Net worth: 1 Million
Birth Place: Omaha, Nebraska
Height (m):
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

In a world where men have always had the upper hand in journalism and news reporting, it is nice to see female faces who have been able to break barriers and make big strides in the field. We just cannot go on talking about this particular issue without mentioning the award-winning writer, journalist, radio host and commentator Mina Kimes. This beautiful journo has come from a humble beginning and is now one of the leading forces in media.

Mina is a journalist from Los Angeles and has been specializing in investigative journalism. She has also been covering issues regarding business and sports for ESPN alongside Wendi Nix and is one of the most loved figures in the whole world. Let us now get to know more about this beautiful journalist.

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Mina Kimes: Early Life and Education

Mina Mugil Kimes was born on the 8th of September, 1985 in Omaha, Nebraska. Having been born to parents with Korean descents, Kimes is ethnically Korean. We have got a very little to share regarding her early life and she likes to keep that part of her life away from media.

When it comes to her academics, the stereotype Asians are good with studies applies to her. The gifted child was offered an admission to study at the prestigious Yale University. From the institution, she was able to graduate with Summa Cum Laude with a bachelors degree in English.

Mina Kimes: Career

Mina’s rise to fame began very soon after she completed her education from Yale. Kimes was able to land her first job in 2007 at Fortune Business Magazine. During her time working for the magazine, she was a business journalist who also contributed a lot of articles to the papers.

Kimes was beginning to turn heads of many other news agencies and broadcasters who were fascinated by her work. Next, she was offered a role at Bloomberg in 2013 as an investigative journalist. She did take the job but did not stay with Bloomberg for long and was still hunting for better opportunities.

Her next stop came at ESPN; she joined the sports network in 2014 and became the senior editor at its firm. Working as a sports journalist, Mina has been reporting news from the NFL, American Football League, and the Korean League for the network. For her continuous dedication and effort that she puts into delivering news, she won the ‘Henry R. Luce Award’ later in her career.

Mina Kimes: Personal Life

Now moving on to the personal aspects of her life, sadly for many of her fans, she is a married woman. She got married to the record producer and CEO of the music label GODMODE, Nick Sylvester on November 24, 2014, and have been together ever since. The two first met through a mutual friend and later went on several dates before finally walking down the aisle.

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The two lead different career paths and are extremely supportive of one another. Mina and Nick are both prominent names in their respective fields and are doing extremely well in their life. Like Mina, her husband too went to a very reputed university in Harvard. Whilst working in the field of music and production, Nick went to the Harvard Law School and graduated from the very institution.

Mina Kimes: Net Worth and Social Media

According to estimations, Mina Kimes has a net worth of $1 million which is a huge figure for a journalist. Don’t get us wrong- she deserves every penny of that for the work that she has been doing. This amazing reporter is currently receiving a massive annual salary of $400,000 from ESPN and is living a lavish life with her husband. The two of them do not have a child yet but own a dog who goes by the name Lenny.

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Kimes is also active on social media. Mina has been using platforms like Twitter and Instagram and is quite famous. She uses them to share some special events of her life, voice her opinions and even endorse products at times. She goes by the handle @mina_kimes on Insta and @minakimes on Twitter.