Olga Katysheva Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Family, Biography

Profession: Models
Date of birth: Mar 20, 1990
Age: 30
Net worth: 6 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place:
Height (m): 1.78 m
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

In Today’s world, you don’t have to be an actor or musician to become a celebrity. There are many other ways to earn fame for an ordinary person and social media is one of those platforms. Here you can earn followers/viewers through the internet and get famous. And a Russian girl named Olga Katysheva has been doing just this. Like Maria Doroshina, she is an Instagram model who’ve crossed 1.1 million followers. Therefore, she has been earning money just by posting cute pictures on the internet. For her pictures, Olga’s fans have nicked name her as “Chocolate” and they seem to be very loyal towards her.

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Olga Katysheva: Early Life

Olga Katysheva was born on March 20, 1990, in Russia’s fourth largest city and the main industrial and cultural hub of Ural Federal District, “Yekaterinburg”. She’s a smart kid who had a strong interest to study law. Growing up, Olga followed her passion and graduated from the Ural State Law University of Russia. But suddenly she wanted to gain media attention and felt that the courtroom wasn’t the perfect suit for her after all.

Her journey to the social media started in 2013 after she posted her pictures on Instagram and started getting people’s attention. Now she is one Russian Instagram star who’s more than a million faithful followers. Katysheva tried to get into other platforms as well, especially acting. But sadly she couldn’t get any success there so she continued posting a picture on social media with more devotion instead of wasting any more time in cinemas. At last, she got what she wanted “The Fame”. Katysheva is active in other apps, Facebook with 34,000 and Twitter with 6000 followers. She earns money with every additional follower in her account.

Olga Katysheva: Body measurements

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Ребят, такое настроение хорошее. Хочется улыбаться. Наверное это связано с погодой, новыми туфлями и платьем, которые я надела в первый раз за это лето. Еще раз делаю отсылку к хорошей погоде и говорю ей спасибо. . Завтра у меня по плану операция. Мне вставляют последний штифт. УраН! Еще один (а по счету 4) зуб оказался не своим. Так что думаю завтра буду ходить без переднего клыка пока все не заживет. Мне честно говоря так плевать на то, что я буду без зуба некоторое время. Я уже столько прошла и намучилась. Осталось чуть-чуть. В сентябре виниры. И поверьте. Осенью я рта даже не закрою 😂 буду улыбаться, потому что результат мне уже показали на примерке 😁

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Earning money by posting pictures on social sites is not as simple as it seems. It requires all the right angles and the right lighting effects. However, Olga with her body has all the right tools for posting the perfect picture. She has been utilizing her abilities well and this allows the rate of her followers to always rate keeps on increasing. Her chocolate skin color and green eyes are hard to resist, on top of that she has a beautiful curvy body. Going through her pictures it seems like she is involved in physical exercises like yoga, gym. The Instagram queen has the perfect shape, being 175 cm tall, with chest size being 36, waist being 25 and hips being 36 inches. Her dress and shoe size is 38, 40 (EU) or 6, 9 (US) respectively.

Olga Katysheva: Family

She seems to be keeping her personal life pretty secret. Therefore, there isn’t any information about her family or her partner. She is a native of Ekaterinburg in Russia, located on the east of the Ural Mountains and her birthdate makes her zodiac sign Pisces.