Parker Schnabel Net Worth, Personal Life, Girlfriend, Career, Biography

Profession: Journalist
Date of birth: Jul 22, 1994
Age: 28
Net worth: 3 Million
Birth Place: Haines, AK
Height (m): 1.87m
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: In Relationship

Parker Schnabel is an American personality best known for appearing in the reality TV series Gold Rush Alaska. The show is aired on Discovery Channel with Parker and Todd Hoffman some of the major characters. This series follows the gold mining efforts of various family-owned mining companies and Schnabel is part of the family that owns the Klondike region of Downy City.

The Handsome Alaskan miner has been gaining a lot of fame in recent years because of the show. At just 16, he took the reins of the family mine and showed he had what it took to lead a team of grizzled miners twice his age. Let us now dig deep into the life of this miner.


Caption: Parker Schnabel holding a gold nugget.

Parker Schnabel: Early Life, Education, Career

Parker Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994, in Haines, Alaska. He was brought up by parents Nancy and Roger Schnabel alongside his sibling Payson. The Schnabel’s are famous for mining so his father ‘Roger’ and grandfather ‘John’ are well-known miners too. The family even has a company called “The Big Nugget”, which works on construction and mining.


Caption: The Alaskan wonder kid Parker Schnabel.

The Alaskan kid grew up with gold fever. Ever since Parker could remember, his grandfather ran the gold mine, Big Nugget. He has been operating heavy machinery and learning the trade from a very young age. At just 16, Schnabel took the reins of the family mine and showed he was no ordinary kid by leading a team of grizzled miners much older than him, with the ability to find serious gold. During this phase, he had already established himself as a successful miner. This resulted into an appearance and later a lead role in the Discovery Channel reality show, ‘Gold Rush’.

His involvement with the Discovery Network was a match made in heaven for both parties. The show was a breakout hit and after 8 seasons, it is the networks highest rated show. Even the cast now commands some of the highest salary ever paid by the network. While working for the show, Parker once mined out gold which was worth almost $3.7 million.

Parker Schnabel: Personal Life

At 24 Parker remains unmarried and has himself occupied with work. Schnabel who has been focusing on his mining business and in a 2016 interview, he admitted that he wasn’t quite ready to settle down. However, Parker is currently involved with his Australian girlfriend Ashley Youle, with whom he seems to be in love with. The duo has been together for over 2 years now and at least by the looks of it, they are well suited for each other.

Schnabel loves to travel and walk around in the snow-capped mountains. He also has a huge fondness for dogs and owns a black Labrador named Dozer.

Parker Schnabel: Net Worth

Parker is still young and at just 24 his wealth ambitions are set high and he is smart enough to understand the concept of money making and he is well aware of the fact that the industry is harsh and unforgiving. However, for the young miner, the risks seem to be paying off. In the first season of Gold Rush, Parker was able to accumulate $1 million. Currently, he has his net worth set over a whopping $3 million.

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For his age, to have earned so much money, Parker still remains a humble man and isn’t extravagant at all. He is a careful investor who does not own a fancy house, cars or boats. He did spend a huge sum of $600,000 to build a customized wash plant to help him speed up the mining work.

Parker has also marked his presence on social media and is extremely popular among young ladies. He has 196,000 followers on Twitter and 231,000 followers on Instagram.