Planned Pethood Founder, Services, Staffs, Location

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Planned Pethood International(PPI) is a committee that is working to reduce pet overpopulation and the suffering of animals globally. The organization is created by Dr. Jeffery “Jeff'” Young in 1990 initially in Denver. PPI provides full service in an affordable quality care clinic for all the types of animals suffering from diseases or having health problems.

Moreover, PPI facilitates exams, veterinarian training, vaccinations, spay/neutering, and full surgical services throughout North America. The committee also adoptable rescued animals as well as a rescue boutique, offering the best in quality food, supplies, and adoptable cats and dogs. Additionally, PPI works with several other organizations to help end the suffering of companion animals here as well as abroad too. Let us scroll to know the founder and services provided by them. Also, if you want to go there and adopted those companion animals then look below to find its location near you.

Planned Pethood International: Founder & Staffs, Services

The owner of the clinic Planned Pethood and Planned Pethood International is Dr. Jeffrey Young. Born on 14 April 1956, in Indiana USA, the veterinarian came to prominence after appearing in the reality show ‘Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountains Vet’. After graduating, he started his clinic Planned Pethood Plus treating the companion animals at low prices. After the success of the clinic, in 1990, he established Planned Pethood Plus, Inc. (PPP) as a low-cost spay/neuter clinic and providing affordable full-services of veterinary care. Following that, he founded Planned Pethood International in 2000 to help fund spay/neuter and veterinary training. He has traveled to different countries for his work connected to PPI.

Other staffs include clinic manager Melody and Hector working with the clinic since 2001. Also, veterinarians include Dr. R. Erickson graduated from Colorado State University. Dr. A. Iguchi from Japan, Dr. D. Kraft, Dr. A. Hutcheson, Dr. J. Baier, Dr. P. Lant, Dr. Lant DVM, and Dr. K Rogers. Other staff in the clinic will help to groom, train as well as treat companion animals.

For contact, you can call at (303)433-3291