Randi Martin Bio, Career, Husband, Son Patrick Mahomes, Net Worth

Profession: Miscellaneous
Date of birth:
Net worth: 2 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place:
Height (m):
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Divorced

While there are some people who do all they can to be rich and famous, there are others who need nothing to be one. Randi Martin is the mom of a popular NFL player, Patrick Mahomes. Patrick, being an American football quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs of NFL, has not only gained fame for himself but also made his parents and family members renowned all over the world.

Randi never misses a chance to appreciate his son and how he has made her dream come true. In this capsule, we will be discussing Randi Martin’s bio, career, net worth, and her husband as well.

Randi Martin Bio and Career

There is very little information on who Randi’s parents are and when she was born. Also, she doesn’t have a career and is a house maker. She usually stays at home or at the games supporting her son and looking after her kid daughter.

Who is Randi Martin’s Husband? Know about her Son

Randi Martin was married to a former MLB player, Pat Mahomes back in the 1990s. The duo gave birth to Patrick Mahomes on 17th September 1995. However, as he turned 11, their Randi got divorced with her then-husband in 2006.

Randi explained in an interview that her son Patrick had a very hard time in the first year of his parents’ divorce. Patrick’s mom and dad stayed in good terms even after their divorce and both gave enough time to their children. She has other two children a son, Jackson and a daughter, Mia.

Randi has a very close relationship with his son Patrick. She often says in the media that his son, Patrick is a blessing. She also says that her son is not only an extraordinary player but also a responsible son and a loving brother to both his siblings.

Randi is very much protective of her children, she hates it when people make fun of Patrick’s voice which is a little different than normal people. She also revealed in an interview that she doesn’t have to look after her youngest daughter because Patrick usually looks after her and is very protective of her.

Currently, Randi is single and is living with her three children. She doesn’t have a boyfriend that we know of and is not married after she got divorced from her first marriage. She might be looking forward to the perfect man to be in love with until then she is only a mom to three adorable children.

What is Randi Martin’s Net Worth?

Randi Martin, being a mother of the popular NFL player surely enjoys a lavish lifestyle. As she has not revealed much about her career, therefore as of now let’s assume her net worth to be estimated around $2oo thousand. Her son, on the other hand, has a net worth of whopping $11.76 million at the age of 23. His value has been increasing in the coming days to his net worth will surely rise in future years.

Randi lives in a $1.9 million mansion in Kansas City which is of 2,759 square foot with her two sons and a daughter. Patrick bought the house in early 2019 which is near the upscale Mission Hills Country Club.

Randi Martin House

Caption: Randi Martin’s House

Built-in 1953, the house comprises three bedrooms and three toilets, a kitchen for the chef, a master suite, a swimming, and a hot tub.

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