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Profession: actors
Date of birth: Jul 15, 1967
Age: 54
Net worth: 8 Million
Birth Place: New York, NY
Height (m): 1.82
Religion: Atheism
Relationship Status: Married

Adam Savage is a master of many trades who started his career in his early childhood, working for his father’s show, ‘Sesame Street’. Savage was considered a child prodigy for being involved with different acting assignments. He even went through a formal training in acting but it was graphic designing that inspired him. He made some theatre appearances before quitting acting and then started focusing on creating special effects for movies. Adam has previously worked as an educator, teaching pupils about model-making and has anchored for a number of TV shows.

However, the tech geeks most notable work came in form of ‘MythBusters’, a show on Discovery Channel with a perfect blend of technology and acting. The show provided him with the platform to test the truth behind the various scenarios presented in movies using science. To know more about Savage’s work, please continue reading.


Caption: The Creative Genius, Adam Savage.

Adam Savage: Early Life, Education

Adam Savage was born on July 15, 1967, in New York to the animator/filmmaker, Whitney Kee Savage, and Karen, a psychotherapist. Savage is a proud American and is ethnically white. He grew up in a family with six children, with four older children from his parents’ earlier marriages. Adam’s youngest sibling Kate is also a talented artist. The siblings later followed in their father’s footsteps, making a career in the field of art.

Adam completed his primary school from the ‘Sleepy Hollow High School’ in 1985. He used to be a talented artsy child who was always keen on acting. After the 5 years in acting school, he started voicing animated characters that his father was working on for Sesame Street. During that period, he even worked for a toilet paper commercial. Later, he got a small part in the Billy Joel music video, ‘You are Only Human.’

Adam Savage: Career Away from Acting

By the time Savage turned 19, he found out that his passion lied somewhere else. So, he decided to quit acting and gave graphic designing a go and what a great decision it turned out to be for him. To name few of his work, Savage has been working as an animator, graphic designer, film developer, and the list could go on. Savage was a model maker for the films Galaxy Quest, Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, The Matrix Reloaded, etc.

Adam then went on to work for a Discovery channel show, ‘MythBusters’. He with his co-host attempt to disprove or confirm myths through scientific experiments which are done at different scales. In contrast to Jamie Hyneman’s more reserved straight-man persona, Savage’s demeanor is animated and energetic. This has been one of the most successful TV shows that deal with science and it continues to inspire and teach generations to find the true answer behind myths. He even received an honorary Doctorate from the University of Twente for his contribution towards popularizing science and technology.

Adam Savage: Personal Life

Savage is married to Julia Ward and has been together since 2004. He also has twin sons from his previous relationship and currently, the entire family is together leading a happy life in San Francisco. Savage describes himself as an atheist; meaning he does not believe in a “God” figure and instead looks upon science for answers. He has also developed a congenital condition otosclerosis which makes him need a hearing aid on his left ear.

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Savage is often found active on his social media pages. His Instagram account has 490,000 followers, and 1.3 million on Twitter. He is a creative man and that is something you can notice right away when you look at his posts.

Adam Savage: Net Worth


Caption: Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman with the test car; from the “Green Hornet Special”.

Adam has had an amazing career, managing to achieve a lot. His achievement comes with fame but also has monetary values. With the journey he has had, it is pretty safe to assume that he makes a lot of money. In fact, as of 2018, reports suggest that Adams net worth is somewhere around $8 million. Looking at the work he has been involving himself within Hollywood and his own shows, it is not surprising that this talented individual makes so much for conducting science experiments. Savage has also marked his presence on Instagram and Twitter where he seems to be really active, posting creative content. We hope that Adam continues to enlighten us with more of his work and wish him all the best for the future.