Angie Varona’s Scandal – Personal Life – Net Worth


Angie Varona is an Instagram star and she first started getting attention after one of her fans leaked her private photos on the internet. Though it was a nightmare, her followers on social media sites began to rise after the incident.

At present, she’s a fitness freak and posts pictures of her workout sessions on social sites. Though she went through horrendous situation once, it didn’t break her down and it sort of propelled her to accomplish more in life.

Who is Angie Varona?

Angie Varona is a model and a social media star born on September 11th, 1993, in Miami, Florida, to Juan Varona and Maria Varona. However, some sites believe that she was born on April 29th, but that is not true whatsoever.

At present, she’s a law student and currently lives in Florida. However, she hasn’t disclosed much about who she is living with and everything. Moreover, she has been endorsed by several brands and big shot companies from the past few years.

Speaking of her education, the 25-year-old model attended ‘St. John A. Ferguson Senior High School’ in Miami and later went to ‘Florida International University’ for further studies. She is most probably studying law over there. Read more about her Biography on Biographicsworld. 

Angie Varona, Source: Instagram

Angie Varona’s Scandal

Just so you know, the most terrible thing that happened in her life and the thing that made her who she is today would be the leaked scandal. Our research suggests that one of her fans hacked into her Photobucket account and posted her semi nudes all over the internet when she was just 14. That is how she got attention initially.

In one of her interviews, she states that the pictures were taken for her first ever boyfriend. However, there isn’t any information about who hacked into her system. But the way she talked about it suggests that it was her ex-boyfriend who leaked it.

She once said “You’re beautiful and you don’t need to send your pictures to a guy for them to like you. They should like you for who you are and not what you look like”. However, there is no proof that it was her boyfriend. So, we can’t just assume stuff.

Due to the incident, she even changed her school twice because people would show those pictures to her teachers and what not. Also, she started using drugs and said that she’d get suicidal tendencies a lot. Furthermore, she said people would call her by names like ‘Slut’, ‘Porn Star’, and so forth.

Angie Varona’s Net Worth

Some trusted source believe that in 2019 she had collected almost $50,000 in really less time. Also, they believe that her salary per week was around $1000 per week. Speaking of her source of income, it would be her Instagram account, and her endorsements from ‘Bang Energy’, ‘VPX Sports’, and ‘Ryders Wears’. Just so you know, an Instagram model having 100k followers would earn around $5,000 per sponsored post.

Moreover, models working for advertising agencies might make an average of $250/hour and around $10,000/day. So, though her total net worth hasn’t been disclosed yet, we can now estimate how much she earns and how much net worth she holds at this moment.

Angie Varona’s Personal Life

Although she shares a lot of pictures on her social sites. She hasn’t uncovered much of her information on it. However, we did find the guys who she is dating currently. Varona’s boyfriend goes by the alias ‘loaflifeinc‘ on Instagram. It appears as though the page is more about design and lifestyle, though.

Angie Varona with her boyfriend, Source: Instagram

Also, she has a dog named ‘Ben’ and she posts a lot of pictures of her with the pet as well. Speaking of her social sites, she has around 2 million followers on Instagram and almost 111k followers on Twitter. So, she is growing every day despite all the circumstances she had to face in the past.