Jason Simpson: Murder Mysteries, Personal Life, Controversies, Biography

Profession: Miscellaneous
Date of birth: Apr 21, 1970
Age: 52
Net worth: 1 Million
Birth Place: Georgia
Height (m): 1.93
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Married

Jason Simpson is the son of former NFL RB (running back), actor and broadcaster O.J. Simpson. Although in recent years, Jason is more known for being tried and acquitted for the murders of his former wife Nicola Brown and her friend Rod Goldman.

Much later, after 18 years of the incident, private investigator William C. Dear wrote a book, ‘O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It’, where he claimed that his investigation finds Jason to be the actual culprit. This claim gained a surprising foothold due to the fact that the private investigator had previously successfully investigated the Murder of an Ohio man. However, Simpson was never tried formally and is living a quiet life in Atlanta, Georgia.


Caption: O.J. and Jason with their family.
Source: straightfromthea.com

Jason Simpson: Early Life, Career, and Murder Mysteries

Jason Simpson was born on April 21, 1970, into O.J. Simpson and his first wife Marguerite L. Whitley in Georgia. Simpson grew up as the second child alongside two other siblings, Arnelle and Aaren Lashone Simpson. He also has a sister, Sydney Brooke Simpson from his step-mother. However, his younger sister Aaren died in 1979 after drowning in the family swimming pool. Later, to add more to the tragedy, Simpson’s parents split up in March of 1979.

jason at the court

Caption: Jason Simpson reading his father’s statement.
Source: crimefeed.com

As mentioned earlier, Jason was never really a suspect during the internationally publicized trial of his father O.J. Simpson for the murder. Although, Jason came under scrutiny in 2012 after the publication of ‘O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It.’ Working on that book, the investigator spent 18 years of his life carefully researching and analyzing events that led to the murder of Nicola and Rod. He established a better timeline of events, collected several pieces of evidence and started to debunk alibis to subvert false assumptions. After 18 years, the murder mystery became a media sensation when Dear concluded that it was not O.J. who was responsible for the events that transpired but his son Jason. Investigator Dear writes that Jason committed the crimes in a fit rage and O.J. only happened to visit the scene of murder later.

Jason Simpson: Personal Life, Controversies, and Scandals

Jason Simpson did have a difficult childhood. He had to deal with the expectations that come from being born to the legendary O.J. Simpson. Furthermore, his lost his sister who drowned in the family swimming pool and to top it off, his parents split up.

Jason, at least according to the rumors, seems to be disturbed and his medical records suggest that he has had at least 3 suicide attempts. He has also injured a person and had almost stabbed his wife after a heated argument. Six months before the murder, he had to seek emergency treatment after running out of his prescribed drugs; this caused him to hear voices of people who were not around.

Simpson also had a past history of violent outbursts and was diagnosed with ‘intermittent rage disorder’ which is better known as the ‘Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome’. There has also been evidence about Jason using the drug Depakote to control his rage. The investigator in his book also confirms that Jason started abusing drugs and alcohol at just 14. Simpson has even been arrested, at least four times, driving with a suspended license and carrying a deadly weapon.

Jason Simpson: Now

After the detective’s work came out, Jason has to endure a lot from the outside world. There was never a clear indication that suggested Jason was a suspect or an accomplice. Even though Dear’s theory was widely discredited, the damage had been done and Jason was hounded by the media more than any of his family. Currently, Jason understandably is living a quiet life in Atlanta with his family.

Simpson at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

Caption: Simpson at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
Source: teamusa.org

There are reports suggesting Jason is an accomplished chef who has worked for some high-end restaurants. But again, these are all matters of speculations. Jason has for the most part been living a troubled life but we wish him all the luck in the future.