Jeff Tietjens Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Spouse, Biography

Profession: Miscellaneous
Date of birth: Aug 18, 1970
Age: 51
Net worth: 8 Million
Birth Place:
Height (m): 1.73
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Divorced

Jeff Tietjens is a successful public attorney who has his own law firm in New York and San Francisco. He is not your typical celebrity but has been famous for his relationship with his relationship with Aisha Tyler. Tyler is an actress and a talk show host who probably is one of the most famous people in Hollywood.

Whatever you make of his fame, Jeff is a relevant name and has been a successful man in his own field. He is a simple attorney who has been making a good living. Tietjens also went to Dartmouth College to study Law. After graduating, he enjoyed a successful career as a lawyer and everything was going perfectly until his failed relationship with Aisha Tyler.

 jeff and aisha

Caption: Jeff and Aisha walking in the streets.

Jeff Tietjens: Early Life and Education

young jeff and aisha

Caption: Young Jeff and Aisha at the premiere of Death Sentence.

Jeff Tietjens was born on the 18th of August, in 1970. He was brought up in San Francisco by his parents. This is almost all the information we have on his early years. However, for his higher education, he went to J. Eugene McAteer High School. After graduating from his high school, Tietjens joined the reputed Dartmouth College for his bachelor’s degree. Jeff later graduated with a degree in law and administration in the 90’s.

Jeff Tietjens: Career

During his schooling years, Jeff was one of the best students. He was even able to graduate with honors and was employed at Dartmouth College in the law department. After working there for some years, he moved to Oakland with his wife.

jeff tietjens lawer

Jeff has been practicing law at the United States of America for many years now. He has his own firms in New York and San Francisco. Throughout the years, Jeff has been able to accomplish quite a lot and if you need any proof, his bank balance might be a testament to that.

Jeff Tietjens: Personal Life

We could not go on writing about Jeff Tietjens if we did not mention his ex-wife Aisha Tyler. Aisha is a prominent name in the American entertainment industry. She has been making appearances in movies and TV series for quite some time now and is one of the best in the business.

The two were together for a lot of time before finally splitting up. They met each other whilst aa college. Jeff and Aisha soon became sweethearts in college and got married in 1992. They were very much like one another and used to hit it off.

aisha and jeff
Caption: Jeff with his ex-wife Aisha.

However, things did not last for the beautiful couple. In 2015, they filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. This was a surprise for many because Tyler and Aisha had been together for so long and doing quite well. It was a sad ending to a wonderful relationship which lasted for 23 years. However, it is quite an accomplishment when you look at the time they had spent together compared to most couples in Hollywood.

Jeff Tietjens: Net Worth

Jeff has been a highly successful man in his field. He might be overshadowed when you look at the stature of Aisha but he hasn’t done badly for himself. Tietjens currently owns 2 law firms in 2 of the biggest cities in the world- New York and San Francisco. He is a smart man who graduated with honors from Dartmouth University and makes quite a lot from the work he has been doing. As of 2018, Tietjen’s net worth is somewhere around $8 million.