Why Durv is Terminated? Biography & Quick Facts About Him

Profession: Youtubers
Date of birth: Mar 14, 2003
Age: 16
Net worth: 2 Hundred Thousand
Birth Place: Crawley, England
Height (m):
Religion: Christianity
Relationship Status: Single

Durv, a young British Youtuber, recognized for uploading the videos of prank calls and gift away cards contest. The young YouTuber has accumulated a massive number of 2 million subscribers within a short period of time. Therefore this made him, to enlist among the Top Youtubers.

But within a year, in 2017, his channel got terminated for ‘violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines’, though his channel has been getting popularity. Back then he posted a video on how his school threatened to terminate his channel. Meantime the controversy arose quickly due to which he had terminated. Therefore, without wasting our time let scroll below to read on all the details about the former Youtuber.

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Durv: Bio & Rise To Fame

The British Youtuber was born on 14 March 2003, in Crawley, England. He has not revealed any information on his parents or siblings. Also, he has not documented on his education. However, we can say that 13-year-old YouTuber is still in school. Further, in July 2016 he created his Youtube channel under the name ‘ItzDurv’. The first video he featured was ‘Shoutout Sunday #1- Grow Your Channel! Gain Active Subscribers!’. He would tell his fans to subscribe, press the bell icon, and leave a comment in order to get free gift cards.

As the increase of viewers and subscribers, by the October of his channel release, he had gained over a hundred thousands of subscribers. And till April 2017, his channel has reached to millions of subscribers. He would feature videos on which he made a prank calls to the popular store in a different voice. Therefore, due to his funny commentaries, prank calls, and gift cards, he is able to gain many fans.

Why Durv’s channel is Terminated

The Young YouTuber was terminated on 31 May 2017 because for ‘Violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines’. After that, he made different claims for his termination. Then, he uploaded the video ‘MY SCHOOL IS DELETING MY CHANNEL’. There he claimed for being threatened by his school to terminate his channel. However, the video has gained a lot of views and highest subscription.

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Next claim for his termination, maybe the bait of giving away the free gift cards. After his termination, an unnamed person revealed that he is a liar and a cheat. And the gift cards that he had given to his subscribers are of an old design. Afterward, many people claimed that the gift cards were fake one. Later he admitted that using clickbaits to make money. Soon, later he has lost around 900K subscribers.

By the year 2018 April, he reinstates his YouTube with subscribers only left 7.8K. And he uploaded his comeback video ‘I’M Back’ and gain some more subscribers and viewership on his channel ‘Durv’. In the video, he has announced that he is done with gift cards. Further, he will make a new video that everybody wants to watch.

Quick Facts About The Young YouTuber, Durv

  • Durv’s real name is Dylan McEvoy born on 14 March 2003.
  • The young Youtuber is from England and created his YT Channel on July 2006.
  • He was terminated on May 2017 and made a comeback on April 2018.
  • After his termination, he has lost about 97,000 subscribers.
  • Further, he has not revealed information on his parents and sibling.
  • He has a net worth over $200 thousand from his YouTube Channel.

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